Serita Bonsignore
Global Relationship Manager

Serita Bonsignore is a Global Relationship Manager at enei. With over 20 years of experience as a Senior HR leader across global organisations, national corporations and not-for profit charities. Serita has a unique background in helping organisations develop and implement their Diversity and Inclusion practice, by reflecting on the employee life cycle and focusing on key levers and decision-making processes that truly drive change and inclusion in organisational culture and leadership.

Serita has a strong academic background having qualified with two masters’ degrees in HRM (Westminster University, graduated 2003) and Global Diversity Governance (Coventry University, graduated 2020), which she applies to her thinking and consultancy approach, helping to highlight the benefits of business and cultural change to established research and organisational findings.

On a personal level Serita has a passion for ‘race in the workplace’ and has developed strong thought leadership for enei members advocating the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Equally she has a strong interest how services for the most marginalised and vulnerable members of society can designed and serviced inclusively.