Mark Withers
Founder and Director

After University I joined what was then ‘Personnel’ in Shell because I believed there must be a better way to run an organisation than the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ industrial strife that characterised working life in the 1980s. I was fortunate. I was blessed with excellent bosses throughout my earlier career who also shared this belief. I was also very fortunate that HR and Change Management were intertwined from the very start of my career and that has continued ever since.

My consulting journey started in 1990 when I joined what was then Price Waterhouse and their HR and Strategic Change practice area. Since founding Mightywaters Consulting in 1998 I have been able to work with some amazing organisations across private and public sectors and with some truly excellent HR teams. My desire to partner with clients who want to create organisations people want to work in has not diminished over time. I’m delighted to be a judge again and to have the opportunity to recognise HR and Consulting at its very best.